"Rachel's painting of Muggsy Bogues is one of my most favorite possessions. She brought one of my childhood idols to life with MS Paint! I don't know how she got those colors that make his face, but everyone that comes into my place is always wowed. Rachel is the NBA portrait master." Blake, of GA

"Without my portrait of Ray Allen I do not know what I would do. It is such an important reminder to me that in this world there is paint and basketball and people that I love. Rachel B. Glaser's NBA Art captures my eyes and my emotions!" Emily, of MA

"While I commissioned Rachel Glaser for a Major League Baseball porttrait and not an NBA one, the painting was stunning. I had this done for my wife for her birthday. She's a rabid Philadelphia Phillies fan and I got it out of her that Carlos Ruiz was her favorite player. When she opened her portrait of Chuch she laughed, her face beamed, she said 'Oh my God.' I've only given her perhaps one other gift that met with a reaction like this, and that was when I took a knee." Jamie, of GA

"Rachel's work is personal and executed with great care for both NBA player and fans." Michelle, of PA

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